Our Educators

Toormina Community Preschool employs a team of dedicated Early Childhood Educators, who are able to nurture your child and support their development and learning.


Our trained Early Childhood Educators implement current trends and practices in our developmentally appropriate program.


Our experienced educators provide an inclusive program for children with additional needs, and are able to seek government funding to support this.


Toormina Community Preschool works closely with schools and early intervention services, to ensure your child’s smooth transition to Kindergarten.


Kerrie Stichbury

Kerrie has been the preschools dedicated director for the past 16 years. She has a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) and has worked in children’s services with over 25 years experience. Previously she has worked in long day care services and owned her own child care service.
Kerrie is committed to supporting the team of educators in providing a loving, caring, educational and safe environment for you and your children. She is passionate about forming partnerships with families and being an integral part of our local community.


Kelly Bonello

Kelly has a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education).  She has worked in Long Day Care and Out of School Hours Care Services in Sydney before relocating to the Coffs Coast last year. Kelly has a passion for music and is skilled in playing many musical instruments which she loves to incorporate into the daily program and share with children. 

Bec E.jpg

Rebecca Ellem

Bec has a Diploma in Children’s Services. She is the mother of two young girls and has worked in early childhood services for the past 22 years. Bec loves to support children in developing new skills and reaching individual goals. She also enjoys taking monthly visits to our local nursing home where she supports children to build strong connections to those in our local community. Bec enjoys sharing her interests in camping and the outdoors with the children.


Susana Estremadoyro

Susana has worked in the early childhood field for over 14 years, she is a mother to two teenage children. She has a Diploma in Children’s Services and a wealth of knowledge from her teaching career in her previous home in Lima (South America). Susana is fluent in both English and Spanish, she shares her first language of Spanish with the children through songs, stories and conversations. Over the past few years she has inspired both educators and children to learn key phrases in Spanish.


Jessica Evans

Jess has a Diploma in Children's Services and has been working in the early childhood for 10 years. She is a mother of two young children and is returning to the preschool from maternity leave. Jess is extremely athletic and loves to share this with the children through games of soccer or gymnastics. 


Rhonda Miller

Rhonda has a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and has been with the preschool for 16 years, previously she has owned a successful coffee shop, ran her own family daycare service and worked in aged care. Rhonda is the mother of two adult children, she also opens her home to international and local students and enjoys sharing the knowledge and experiences of their culture with the children here at the preschool. Rhonda loves to spend time with the children creating happy memories of their preschool years. She also enjoys sharing her passion for cooking with children at the service, she is renowned for making great sushi.


Cheryl Joyce

Cheryl has worked in the early childhood field for 18 years. She is a mother to three adult children and loves to spend time nurturing her 6 grandchildren. She has a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services. Cheryl loves to support the children’s interests and also share her love of gardening with the children as they engage in meaningful experiences.

Abbey (2).jpg

Abbey Elks

Abbey has recently joined our team of educators. At only 23 years of age she is mature whilst also youthful. She has completed her Certificate 3 in Education Support. The skills she has attained in this training and work enables her to support children with respect and understanding inclusively. 


Janet Martindale

Janet has been employed at the preschool for 18 years as the administration officer at the preschool. Before she became an employee of the preschool Janet was an enthusiastic parent to three children who was also the president of the committee for two years. Janet has endless knowledge about the preschools history and how it has developed over the years. Janet is a valuable employee whose knowledge and understanding of preschool framework is extensive; she loves the children making impromptu visits to her in the office.